In this elective course you will learn how to identify and clear blocks that get in the way of you manifesting your most wonderful life.


  • Creating your own Reality

  • How to be specific about what you want

  • Using specific words to manifest your desires

  • Finding your blocks

  • Retraining your mind

  • Clearing Resentments Regrets and Rejections

  • Sacred Laws to Manifesting

  • Abundance List

  • The Seventh Plane of Existence is all the Planes in their Highest Form

  • Remembering your future

  • House Rules , object, assignments

  • Downloads

  • Abundance Course Beliefs

  • Manifesting

Course Dates & Pricing 


$490.00 Full Price

NB: A course deposit of $150.00 is required and is non-refundable.






Lisa also teaches ThetaHealing™ DNA1, Advanced DNA 2, and Dig Deeper. 


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