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Theta Healing DNA 1

Theta DNA 1


I have a passion for teaching healing work and through my training with Theta I have found learning and using this healing for myself clients, friends and pets to have brought about a potent positive change.  I see myself and experience my life in a totally new light.. I am able to now see and experience more trust, faith and fun in each day.   I have left behind negative traits that kept me in self-doubt and confusion to believing in my self and my abilities.  I realised that in order for me to move forward in joy to experience the success I knew I could achieve, I had to re-evaluate my negative habits of second-guessing myself and creating drama through self-sabotage.   I have learnt that there are many beliefs held in our DNA, or very makeup that we are not even aware exist or play a role in the way we behave.  These courses are invaluable to learn to recognise where these limiting beliefs stem from.  

All courses are certified and registered though the THiNK Institute of ThetaHealing™ in the USA and promote you  (if you choose) to be on their website as a qualified practitioner.  


This is a very gentle modality that assists the body to heal itself.  The body always knows what to do.

This course needs to be taught and I am committed. to teach people of all races, beliefs and religions.  To spread this healing paradigm so all can experience life the way we were meant too… with joy, happiness and unconditional love for self, others and our most wonderful life…

I invite you now to enrol on the first course and change your negative habits that sabotage your success and keep you in limitation.  Lets join together to experience now the ability to shine and change to be the most positive and amazing self you can be…


  • Here you will learn the formation of ThetaHealing™

  • The basics of readings and healings

  • The road map To All That Is

  • The reading

  • Opening the Psychic Centres through the Chakras

  • Theta Healing 

  • Group Healing

  • Why people do not heal

  • Belief systems

  • How to work on the four levels

  • The creation of feelings

  • Key core beliefs

  • Advanced healing processes using the belief work

  • The law of truth

  • The seven planes of existence

  • Healer, heal thyself

  • Death, initiations and Death doors

  • Guardian Angels

  • Waywards, the fallen, possession, psychic hooks curses and implants

  • Healing and communicating with Animals

  • Affairs of the Soul 

  • Manifesting

  • The future reading

  • DNA

  • DNA Activation Technique

  • Gene replacement

  • Viannas intuitive anatomy

  • Secrets of the intuitive reading session..

Course Dates & Pricing 


$625.00 Full Price

$590.00 Early Bird Special if paid 1 month in full before the start of the course.

NB: A course deposit of $150.00 is required and is non-refundable.


DNA 1:  Friday 14, 15, 16 February 2020


Lisa also teaches ThetaHealing™ DNA 2 Advanced, Manifesting and Dig Deeper.  Click HERE to learn more about DNA Theta Healing™.


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